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Global Trade Forums are an international trade think tank, international business networking and international referral marketing club. Our events  provide a juncture where business, industry leaders and policymakers can engage to build meaningful connections worldwide to fuel international trade, overseas investment and cross-cultural exchange.

Our international chapters feature industry and country-specific business networking and training events, panel and round table discussions, trade shows and trade missions, available to both members and non-members alike. Additionally, we work proactively to help our members maximise technology to easily connect, advertise and do business with each other worldwide.

London-based, with global reach, we partner with business, chambers of commerce, trade associations, charities and governments to help you grow internationally. Become a member or sponsor today for full benefits or partner with us to start your local Global Trade Forums chapter in your city today, to help you achieve your goals in the global marketplace.

Mission: Our mission is to help our members build meaningful connections worldwide to fuel international trade, foreign direct investment and cross-cultural exchange. 

Vision: Our vision is to be a driving force in the world of  global trade which enables small, medium and big businesses from around the world to engage in and benefit equitably from international trade and investment on a more levelled playing field.

Types of Events: We organise networking events for the international business community, including,  Trade Forums and AfterBiz Socials.

You Should Join: If you are exporting, importing, investing or building a career overseas. London-based with global reach, we welcome local and international business leaders, entrepreneurs and expats to join our private members club to network with like-minded professionals.

You’ll also benefit from our partnership with local and global businesses of all sizes, chambers of commerce, trade associations, charities, educational institutions and governments to help you grow your businness and career in the global marketplace.

Join Us Now: Become a member now to start enjoying full club benefits or contact us today to start your own local Global Trade Forums chapter in your city or to partner with TBG Global & Partners.

Upcoming Events

At Global Trade Forums, we work to provide industry and country-specific trade forums, trade missions and business networking events to support our members in their quest to successfully connect, trade and grow in the global marketplace.